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Pistol Grip Shift

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Mark Richardson 
Dan Young 

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Check out our self-titled debut EP:



Magnetar Home Studio Productions
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Mark Richardson
Dan Young - Vocals and Lyrics
Mark Richardson - Guitar, Bass, Drums (BFD2 drum software)
Copyright 2015

Update: we've added people to the band and are currently playing shows and writing new songs for a new round of recordings that will feature full band.

Dan Young - vocals

Mark Richardson - guitar

Noel McKinney - guitar

Scott Raper - drums

Chris Guy - bass

Recording Credits:

Pistol Grip Shift - Sep 9, 2016
PGS - Goenpalooza Sep 9, 2016
PGS at Goenpalooza Sep 9, 2016
Mark Richardson
Daniel Young
Scott Raper
Noel McKinney
Dean Fisher
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